Sustainability Assessments

Sustainability Assessments

Are you leaking money?

Insulation is one of the most underutilized and underestimated technologies in the construction world with a proven track record for providing enormous cost savings and sustainable facility management. So why do so many projects fail to take the proper measures to integrate the proper system insulation? The only possible answer to this question is that they are unaware of the numbers. Let's all take a moment to become educated on the subject:

A Case Study In Energy Reduction

A recent energy appraisal conducted by the National Insulation Association identified that one bare 90° elbow in a steam system operating under standard temperatures and conditions leaked nearly 50 million BTUs per year. When translated into fuel costs this equated to approximately $450 in fuel costs per year. Extrapolated for an entire system containing around 100 similar elbow and valve combinations, the potential costs generated by these bare connections approaches $50,000.00 per year. Through proper insulation, the fuel costs required to operate this one seemingly insignificant section of piping was reduced by almost 80% to only $35 per year, resulting $35,000 in energy savings. At this rate, you can't afford to ignore bare joints any longer.

Certified Energy Appraisers

NYCO is certified to identify and solve the potential pitfalls of your mechanical systems in order to ensure your facility is running efficiently, safely and to up to quality standards. Not only do we specialize in identifying the weaknesses in your mechanical systems, but we are also well versed in finding you rebates for reducing your energy consumption. By taking advantage of energy reduction measures, customers normally experience a return on investment in the period of just a few short years.

Talk to NYCO and take the next step towards a sustainability assessment and see if your systems are in need of specialty insulation.