Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of contractor is NYCO Inc?

    Answer: We are a mechanical insulation contractor providing service to customers in the commercial and industrial sectors across the Midwest. To learn more visit our commercial insulation services or our industrial insulation services pages.

  2. Is NYCO a Union contractor?

    Answer: Yes, NYCO works with the Local 34 of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied workers when working in the Twin Cities and employs only Union workers when performing work out of town.

  3. How does the fact that NYCO is a member of APi Group Inc impact its work?

    Answer: Although our work has always been high quality, being a member of APi Group Inc has given us access to beneficial training courses and team building exercises that have made us a better contractor. Also as a member of a large and diverse organization we are able to take advantage of a larger bonding capacity and access to financial practices that expand our potential as a growing business. Click the link to learn on our APi Companies page.

  4. What region does NYCO Inc work in?

    Answer: The majority of our work occurs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota. At times we do branch out to jobs in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Michigan. Part of our vision is to expand to additional states as viable markets emerge.

  5. Does NYCO provide 24/7 emergency service?

    Answer: Yes, NYCO is prepared to address emergency problems whenever a customer calls on us and our professional insulators can fix any problem. Our warehouse is fully stocked and accessible at all times.

  6. What are our service rates?

    Answer: Service rates vary depending on the customer and the demands of the job but are based off of Union agreements with the Local 34.

  7. Does NYCO have a formal safety program?

    Answer: Yes, we have incorporated the STEPS program which stands for Striving for Excellence and Professionalism in Safety. This has helped us improve our safety performance dramatically and we continue to seek improvement each day. Click the link to learn more about our NYCO Safety Program.

  8. What does NYCO's management structure offer customers?

    Answer: Our office staff members average over 20 years of experience per employee in the mechanical insulation business. We employ full estimation and project management departments that use state of the art software to improve our service. Our staff can be tailored to provide as much management on a job site as the customer or the job requires.